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Local Busy Doctor Makes Time for his Little

Rob Albertson has a busy medical practice in Jackson but he wanted to find time in his schedule to share the benefits of the blessings he has experienced in life with a young person in Jackson County.

In October, 2008, Rob was matched in the Site-Based Program at Arnold Elementary in Michigan Center with 2nd grader and Little Brother, Corey. Over the past three-plus years (a total of four school-years), the two of them have built an amazing and close relationship. They began by meeting at the school to read and play games with one another and just get acquainted. Corey particularly enjoyed using the white board in the library to construct elaborate maps, complete with vehicles and buildings. By January, 2009, they had both decided that they wanted to see more of one another outside the school setting and proceeded to make arrangements to 
become a Site-Based Plus match. These matches are able to switch between seeing one another in the school setting to attending activities and events in the community as they arise. Some of Rob and Corey’s activities included baking cookies, swimming and playing pool, baseball and basketball at Rob’s home, fishing, visiting the public library, and dining at various eating establishments throughout the area. 

They also did a fine job as spokespersons for Big Brothers Big Sisters on JTV in October, 2010. At about that same time, they decided it would be fun to take guitar lessons together. That following spring, they performed a duet in a guitar recital and have continued to take lessons together since. They are practicing for another recital this spring. In December, 2010, Corey nominated Rob for the award for Site-Based Big Brother of the year - in his own words, “because he is a doctor at Allegiance Health but he still takes time out for me . . . He is an extraordinary person to have!” Rob was chosen for that award in part on the basis of Corey’s glowing recommendation.

This coming fall, Corey will be a sixth grader at Keicher Elementary. He is that rare “triple threat” – a good student, musician, and athlete - not to mention an “all-round good guy.” Rob has expressed his desire to be matched with Corey throughout the course of BBBSJC’s program - until Corey’s graduation from high school. His efforts, in coordination with the existing support systems in Corey’s school and his family, have enhanced this young man’s prospects for success in the present and the future.

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