Big Brother Tom & Little Brother David  2005 Big Brother of the Year

Turning an “F” student into an “A” student can take more than hitting the books. Sometimes it takes hitting the road — to learn about who you are and believe in what you can become.

For Little Brother David, the eight years he’s known Big Brother Tom have been a journey of self-discovery. In school he’s gone from bad grades and poor self-esteem to understanding that, with hard work, he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

Through eight years of friendship he’s joined Tom and his wife for family trips and vacations. And there was one particular trip, along the way, that helped him identify with his own heritage.

That was the visit they made to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where David, who is three-eighths Native American, forged a powerful connection to his roots. Says Tom, “It was good for David to see what Native Americans can achieve. My wife and I are starting to explore Native American college scholarships so David will have an affordable choice of colleges.”

Says David, “My Big Brother has changed me from a little boy into a man.”

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