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Big Brothers Big Sisters matches children ages 6 through 18 with mentors in professionally supported one-to-one relationships. We have programs in communities across the country; including yours.

Making the Connection

Matches come together through our two essential programs:

  • Community-Based Mentoring: For as little as an hour a week, Bigs and Littles meet in their community to share fun activities; stories; and a little bit of themselves. See below.
  • Site-Based Mentoring: Bigs and Littles meet once a week in schools, libraries and community centers, to talk and have fun. It's not about being a tutor; it's about being a friend. See below.

How a Big becomes a Big (and a Little a Little)

A lot of things have to happen before we make a match. All our Bigs go through a thorough background check and careful interview process. Then we match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities and preferences. And we provide full support along the way; so that matches can grow into lasting friendships. 

What Bigs and Littles Do

Getting together is a great time for both Bigs and Littles. It doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activities; just a few hours every month sharing simple things you already enjoy with a young person. Things like:

    • Shooting hoops
    • Playing a board game
    • Sharing a pizza
    • Taking a walk in the park
    • Or just hanging out and talking 

More information on volunteering
More information on enrolling a child


There are two mentoring programs available to Little Brothers and Sisters through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jackson County and within each of these programs are specialized mentoring opportunities:

Community Based Mentoring

  • The matches are able to schedule their own activities within the community. This mentoring relationship will endure for at least one year, and at most a lifetime!
  • The mentor and mentee must meet a minimum of 1 hour per week (or four hours monthly). 
  • Meeting times and activities are determined between the mentor and mentee. Couples ( married or two individuals of the same gender) may mentor a child together.
  • COPE (Children of Promise Excel)
    • Children in this program have an incarcerated parent.  The program mirrors the community based program, and the children in COPE benefit from a relationship with a caring, supportive adult.

SITE Based Mentoring

  • Bigs In-Schools
  • The mentor joins his/her mentee at a school during the recess-lunch period
  • (usually 40 minutes) for one day each week, for one calendar year. 
  • The mentors and mentees participate in activities such as eating lunch together, playing games, working on academics or just taking a walk on the school grounds.
  • Bigs In-Schools is a perfect way to gain a greater sense of community.
  • SITE Based Plus 
    • Mentors can choose to add elements of the Community Based program to the existing Bigs in Schools program. For example: taking their Little off the school campus for lunch, a trip to an employer or to attend one or more of our scheduled BBBSJC events among other community activities.

Your donation will make a difference

Calls come in every day from parents, teachers and guidance counselors. They know what a difference a mentor can make in a child's life. Your gift can help make Big magic for children in your local community by:

  • Helping us to recruit new Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers
  • Ensuring that trained professionals match children to caring and responsible Bigs
  • Offering one-on-one, ongoing supervision and support for every match
  • Providing cultural and social activities to enrich the opportunities for children 

And 92.2% of every dollar you give goes directly to making and supporting matches; the remainder covers overall program administration.

Think about a child who has wished for a Big Brother or Big Sister. Someone to have fun with and confide in. Someone to be a mentor. A guide. A friend. Now think of how your gift could make a difference in that child's life.


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